About Us

Swag Mera Desi is an Online Shopping & Lifestyle Brand offering Quirky, Trendy & Designer Prints for Fashion, Home Decor & Accessories.

Born out of the love of art & design, the nostalgia of everything Desi & an eye for detail, Swag Mera Desi is one of its kind, offering stylish & unique prints, carefully curating ideas & inspirations & transforming them into wearable fashion.

Swag Mera Desi was co-founded by two serial entrepreneurs & advent admirers of art, who also happen to be married to each other. They began their journey in the world of business with their own marketing firm & on their way to success, co-founded a popular arty cafe too. While both the businesses had an extensive essence of design, art & concepts, they felt that it was time to form a brand that spoke in one universal language of everything their beloved country stands for. She loved Fashion & He loved Design. They both loved creating something together. They brainstormed & ate burritos, squabbled over fabrics while sipping on endless glasses of rose, but unanimously agreed on Swag Mera Desi.

Their vision for Swag Mera Desi is at the core of the brand and in the essence of every design.

Quirky. Desi. Trendy. Nostalgic. Artistic. Funny. Stylish. Swag.

At the heart of the leadership of Swag Mera Desi, the co-founders pledged to stay true to their brand aesthetics & are involved at every stage of the process - from conceptualization to designing to execution & printing. At the heart of every step, the most important criteria for the leadership is to ensure quality, be it the quality of design, the quality of the print & the quality of the fabric.

Swag Mera Desi is a young brand comprising of millennials with old souls. Our designers are young by age, but they all get nostalgic over a cup of chai or a 90s Bollywood song. Our designers look for inspiration in everyday Desi subjects, and turn them into aesthetically pleasing prints.

The brand is set to grow rapidly in the coming months with the love & support of its patrons, who have loved being a part of this nostalgic journey, ensuring that the designs go out of stock so very often & creating a frenzy over social media.

Get the latest Designer T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Crop Tops, Bomber Jackets, Posters, Cushion Covers, Coasters, Phone Accessories & much more, only at Swag Mera Desi.